About Anne


Anne Hauck’s creative style is profoundly influenced by her upbringing on the French-German border, where the rich mixture of cultures created a refined artistic acumen. Captivated by the sophistication and timeless beauty of Art Deco, she began collecting decorative pieces exemplary of the period at an early age.

Anne’s distinctive taste in unique pieces of the 1920’s-30’s transpired into two highly successful galleries in Germany. Anne’s showrooms flourished as she built an extensive and exclusive network of dealers and collectors in Europe, which solidified her reputation for acquiring rare and exceptional furniture. Anne extended her vast collection in 1998 with the opening of her signature showroom in the heart of the design center of West Hollywood, California. Her cosmopolitan range swiftly engaged well-known designers and connoisseurs from around the globe including the attention of Oscar winning director, Martin Scorsese for his film, “The Aviator”. He involved Anne in furnishing and lighting the interior set designs with her authentic pieces to relive the epic glamour of the Art Deco period.

Anne’s talent and eye for unique pieces created a demand in designing interiors for numerous clients, which lead to the formation of a design branch within her company. The addition of complete interior design services is a testament to Anne’s versatility in not only Art Deco, but modern, contemporary, Asian fusion and eclectic interiors as well.